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Al-Buraq Travel & Tours, is one of the largest independent travel agencies in the Kuwait, has grown since its commencement of operations into a large travel agencies group offering a diverse range of outstanding Travel, Tourism services on everything from a simple flights booking, holidays packages requirements to every corners of the globe. We have gained an excellent reputation for reliability, exceptional customer service and high quality services. We deal with some of the most professional destination management companies in the world. In addition, we provide a vast range of travel products and services to corporate and leisure travellers.

Our continued success is due to our commitment to providing exceptional travel services and to our hard working team of travel experts who are on hand to offer you some very special services that provide real value for money.

Al-Buraq Travel & Tours uses its vast resources to provide innovative and cost effective travel solutions to business and leisure travellers to all parts of the world. Our expertise in sourcing, planning and implementation provides our clients with viable options to their requirements. With a strong global networking and reliable service providers in place, we provide a hassle free holiday or business trip anywhere in the world. Our specialized departments include trained staff, specifically to address the needs of travellers who require not only an air ticket, but the assurance that this is the best deal on a reputable airline to their chosen destination. We recognized the growing independence of the youth market in Kuwait, we developed what is now a formidable team of well-travelled and dynamic professionals, equipped to offer personalized service. The field of travel and tourism is a challenging one.

It is always evolving, changing and, responding to new situations and events. At Al-Buraq Travel & Tours, we respond to these changes by constantly developing our facilities and services so that we can stay ahead of the competition. We are proud to be one of Kuwait's leading travel and tourism agencies, widely recognised and respected for our innovative travel products and dedicated customer care.

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